New Creation Worship – Rain Upon My Life chords

Bm    Dmaj7/A    G

[Verse 1]
Bm Dmaj7/A GHere I come to your throne Fall on my knees
Bm Dmaj7/A GWhere I pour out my soul You're all I need
[Verse 2]
Bm Dmaj7/A GIn the stillness I hear You call my name
Bm Dmaj7/A GWhere your whispers of love Wash all my shame
A D/F# GRain upon my life Fill my heart
A D/F# GTake this moment God I am yours
D D/F#Here I lift my hands in worship
G AHere I stand before my King
Bm D/F#As my eyes behold your glory
GEverything changes, everything changes
D Dmaj7/F# G AWoah....
Bm Dmaj7/F# GWoah....
D D/F#The favour of the Lord is here
G ARain down, rain down
Bm D/F#The glory of the Lord is here
GRain down, rain down
[Outro] D Dmaj7/F# G A Bm Dmaj7/F# G A
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