Nicholas Allbrook – Advance chords

[Verse 1]

Em F#m GThe butcher, the barber, the undertaker
D D/Db C C/BOur land is girt by sea
Am F#m GThe looker, the quaker, the cocktail shaker
D D/Db C C/B ASomething young and free
[Verse 2]
D F# BmAnd for the miner, refiner, the web designer
G ADance on golden soil
D F# G CFor the blessed, the bleached, the petted, the preached,
D G BmWealth and something toil
D G BmAdvance, advance, advance.
[Verse 3]
Em F#m GThe doctor, the nun, the bigger the gun
D D/Db C C/BAll in history's page
Am F#m GThe title weighs a ton, for the boats on the run
D D/Db C C/B AAnd for the average wage
A [Chorus 1]
D F# BmYou hear the planes not the birds, The tune not the words
G AYou said it, I said I don't care
D F# G CI'll sing for you, I'll dance it too
D G BmAdvance, advance, advance
[Bridge] Em F# G D D/Db C C/B Am F# G D D/Db C C/B [Verse 4]
Em F# GThe sailor, the whaler, the Norman Mailer
D D/Db C C/BDon't belong in town
Am F# GYour mother, you failed her, you tail regaler,
D D/Db C C/B ALet the bastards drown
A [Chorus 2]
D F# BmOnly the President, the Queen, burn the greens
G ABurn them till they are brown
D F# G CA lightning bolt, a pillar of salt
D G BmSinks without a sound
D G BmAdvance, advance, advance
D G BmAdvance, I'll dance, advance
D G BmAdvance, I'll dance, advance
D G BAdvance, advance, advance
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