Nick Helm – Im Back chords

ELately I've been feeling strange,
GSomething deep inside me changed,
CMy DNA was rearanged,
BI've been down and out,
EBut holy fuck I'm back again,
GJust like the Phoenix from the flame,
COh Jesus Christ oh what's his name,
BI was lost but now I'm found,
EI'm back!
GConsider my lesson is learnt,
CThe prodical son's returned,
BThe building, the bridge is burnt, burnt, burnt,
EI'd liked to save my leavitation,
GSave you all from your damnation,
CStart the fucking celebration,
BThe resurrection's nigh,
EI'm back!
GI'm feeling myself again,
Creleaving myself of pain,
BI'm rising above the flames, flames, flames,
EI'm back!
GYour prayer have been answered yes,
CReturning like Lazarus,
BYou better start kissing my ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass,
EI'm back!
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