Noah Lusk – Take My Hand chords

D Bm7
D Bm7
D Bm7
D Bm7

[Verse 1]
Em Atake my hand,
DM7 GM7 Emits all thats left of me, i swear
A DM7 GM7cold and baron, no one loves us anymore
Em A DM7 GM7 Em A DM7 DM7(#11)we're just you and i, and you're terrified
[Chorus 1]
Em Akeep on pushin till you fall down
DM7 GM7 Emill pick you up just like they dont want you now
A DM7you're mine, your hands are tied
Em Ai'll hypnotize your tiny brain
DM7 GM7it's me who's driving you insane
Em A DM7 C#m7 Bm7you may disagree, but your agency is rusty
G A D Bm7it's my word against theirs
D Bm7 D Bm7 D Bm7 [Verse 2]
Em Arest with me,
DM7 GM7 Em Aplant a seed beneath the tree that died from lies
DM7 GM7you know it's hard to blame a side
Em A DM7 GM7 Em A DM7 DM7(#11)were floating endlessly, ships nailed together lost at sea
[Chorus 2]
Em Athey took your money, took it all
DM7 GM7you bet your back to break the speeding fall
Em A DM7in-to my arms ill catch you
Em Aill keep you locked up in a cage
DM7 GM7ill gaslight you to make you stay
Em Ayou think i'm what you want
DM7 C#m7 Bm7i'll wont say that i'm not
G Ait's my word, against
F#m7 GM7everyone is running scared now
F#m7 G13i guess you gave me time to prepare
G A Em"how do you move the way you do
G A D Bm7 used to be away from you
D Bm7 D Bm7 D Bm7 [Verse 3]
Em A DM7 GM7 Emtalk to me, dry my tears you'll never see
A DM7 GM7trust yourself, place the blame on someone else
Em A DM7 GM7we'll live on happily
Em A DM7 Dm7(#11)you and me, lost at sea
[Chorus 3]
Em Athey'll call across the ocean blue
DM7 GM7 Empush you down to drown and murder you
A DM7you'll see you can only trust me
Em Ai'll never do you any harm
DM7 GM7or trick you in my boyish charm
Em Ayou think your soul's your own
DM7 C#m7 Bm7i assure it's mine alone
G A D"it's my word against theirs
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