112 – Its Over Now tab

This is the begining guitar and can be played the whole song.
Its really just 2 chords, D minor and A minor

e----0--1--1----(3)---1---------------------------|B--3-------3----3----3----------------------------|G----------2----2----2----------------------------| D MINOR (Dm)D----------0----0----0----------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------|
Learn the strumming with the song, and throw in the (hammer on) when it comes
e--0---5---3---0---------------------------------------------|B--1---------------------------------------------------------|G--2---------------------------------------------------------|D--2--------------------------- A MINOR-------| (Am)A--0---------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------|
Dm What is this, numbers in your pocket Am I remember when you Used to throw those things away Dm Why do you wanna keep in touch now Am Who gave you a reason To act so shady Dm Baby you know, you can call me anytime Am Anything you needed I would give it to you That's how much I care for you Dm You wanna act now, never call me back now Turning off your cell phone Am Girl you know that ain't cool I don't understand baby Dm Baby it's a shame we gotta go through this Am We can't even talk Girl we don't even kiss Dm I never would've thought We'd be breaking up like this Am But it's over now It's over now you get the point, jam on
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