16 Horsepower – For Heavens Sake tab

For Heaven's Sake
16 Horsepower
Low Estate

Tuning - DGDGBbd

Played on slide guitar

Ok so this amazing song is really just based around 3 parts.  Listen to the song to 
figure out what goes where and when, and this will tell you how.

The main riff is this:

Riff Part A:

d |---/4---xx---4/7\4---xx--4\2/4---|Bb|---/4---xx---4/7\4---xx--4\2/4---|G |---/4---xx---4/7\4---xx--4\2/4---|D |---/4---xx---4/7\4---xx--4\2/4---|G |---/4---xx---4/7\4---xx--4\2/4---|D |---/4---xx---4/7\4---xx--4\2/4---|
Repeat that a few times until Part B comes in at the end of the Part A riff
PART A PART Bd |--4/7\4---xx--4\2/4/7--7---4/7--7---7/9\4----------------|Bb|--4/7\4---xx--4\2/4/7---7--4/7---7--7/9\4--8\6-6-6/8-8---|G |--4/7\4---xx--4\2/4/7------4/7------7/9\4----------------|D |--4/7\4---xx--4\2/4/7------4/7------7/9\4----------------|G |--4/7\4---xx--4\2/4/7------4/7------7/9\4----------------|D |--4/7\4---xx--4\2/4/7------4/7------7/9\4----------------|
Then repeat Part B again (minus the little slide part on the Bb string at the very end...) Chorus:
d |--4/11---11\7---7\4---|Bb|--4/11---11\7---7\4---|G |--4/11---11\7---7\4---|D |--4/11---11\7---7\4---|G |--4/11---11\7---7\4---|D |--4/11---11\7---7\4---|
Lyrics: I surely knew it was a trap ye Yet my hands they would not listen I shoulda known your word was flap Comin' out all sweet an drippin' O so where could I go - yes but to the Lord I been to your house an' see what you adore I left there stiff - stiff as a board Where could I go but to the Lord When will I hurt for heaven's sake When will I suffer for the sake of heaven All my love well it is madness Freely given to you folks with gladness I will not live and die - no not by the sword I am weak without the joy of the Lord Taste and see that the Lord is good Let's bend our knees like we know we should We can't see clear - our eyes are made of wood Taste and see boy that the Lord is good
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