2gether – Regular Guy tab

Mickey Parke/ Alex Solowtiz?s solo song from ?2Gether -- Again?

Intro (2X):e------------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------------|G-----------------3----------------------5------5------------------|D------3------3-----0--------5-------5--------------5--------------|A---3----0-1--------------5-------3-------3------------------------|E-1---------------------3------------------------------------------|repeat thru following verse:I?m the kinda guy/ A girl takes home to mom/ With pleated khaki pants/ Cologne that?sthe bomb/ I shake her dad?s hand/ And look him in the eye/ And tell him straight up/ I?mjust a regular guy
pre-chorus: G5 A#5 F5 C5 Cause I?m a regular guy who stays out of trouble. A regular guy, says ma?am on the G5 A#5 F5 C5 double. I?m a regular guy, just like Dawson?s Creek. A regular guy, just don?t call me a G5 geek...a geek...yeah... chorus: G5 C5 A5 D5 G5 C5 (N/C) Sometimes I remember what got me here it was fighting and cussing and showing no fear F5 A#5 G5 C5 (repeat 4X) repeat intro thru second verse I watch Jay Leno, 7th Heaven too. And I ask myself sometimes what would Jesus do? I?m buds with my mom, hang out with my dad. I play everything safe, so I?ll never be sad. (repeat pre-chorus) repeat chorus thru 2nd chorus: Dammit! Sometimes I wanna smash things up. Get jacked up and whacked up and have to pee in a cup! F5 A#5 G5 C5 (repeat 4X) (repeat intro once) (repeat pre-chorus) END ON OPEN F
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