3 Daft Monkeys – Weird Id tab

3 Daft Monkeys - Weird Id

Crack out the 12-string (ideally), give some Spanish feel as you play, and have fun!

^= play one string after another, Flamenco style.

Intro & Verse Gm B/Ce----3^-3-x-3------4/5-|B----3^-3-x-3------6/7-|G----3^-3-x-3-3----6/7-|D----5^-5-x-5-5----6/7-|x2A----5^---x---5----4/5-|E-3--3^---x---3--------|
C A# G# F# G G# Ge----8^--8--x-8---------6^-6-x-6-------4^-4-x-4----2^/3-4^-4-x-4----3--|B----8^--8--x-8---------6^-6-x-6-------4^-4-x-4----2^/3-4^-4-x-4----3--|G----9^--9--x-9--9------7^-7-x-7-7-----5^-5-x-5-5--3^/4-5^-5-x-5-5--4--|D----10^-10-x-10-10-----8^-8-x-8-8-----6^-6-x-6-6--4^/5-6^-6-x-6-6--5--|A----10^----x----10-----8^---x---8-----6^---x---6--4^/5-6^---x---6--5--|E-8--8^-----x----8---8--6^---x---6--4--4^---x---4--2^/3-4^---x---4--3--|
For the Pre-Chorus bit just play this at the end of the Verse riff: G# A#G# Ge-4444-4-4-4-6-4-3333333-|B-4444-4-4-4-6-4-3333333-|G-5555-5-5-5-7-5-4444444-|D-6666-6-6-6-8-6-5555555-|x2 on 2nd time let the G ringA-6666-6-6-6-8-6-5555555-|E-4444-4-4-4-6-4-3333333-|
The close together parts are played flamenco style, very fast. Then you just play much the same again, only off-beat, ska style. Each chord is played 4 times: Gm, C, Gm, C, C, A#, G#, G, G#, G. Repeat for Chorus. And there you have it, listen to the song for the number of times through each bit, or grab the lyrics (though I've never got the two to go together, their singer manages, somehow...) Have fun, and comment away if you think I dropped a bollock. Or indeed if you think it's amazing ;) Rohan
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