30 Seconds To Mars - 100 Suns tab

Possibly the best album Ive ever bought...

This Is War Is amazing!!!  100 Suns is a very simple song to sing and play, but is 
emotive and has a great impact with the people from the public recording backing it.

Hope you like my tab.  Didn't take long however once again fun to play and sing =]

You Know Youve Got It Coming... This Is War  ₪    lll  o.

Acoustic Guitare|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------|G|--------6--------8--------11------------------------|D|--4-----6-X8-----8-X8-----11-X8---------------------|A|--4-X8--4--------6--------9-------------------------|E|--2-------------------------------------------------|
Repeat that over the whole song =] Enjoy the album if your smart enough to have bought it =] Provehito In Altum
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