311 – Galaxy tab

Performed by 311
From the album "Transistor" on Capricorn/Mercury Records
Music by:  C. Sexton
Lyrics by:  D. Martinez
Tabbed by: Springer (DSPRiNGR@aol.com)
Additions/Corrections by: Mr. Neil (christs@ocps.k12.fl.us)
                          RC311Yeh (RC311Yeh@aol.com)

Intro:====== Bb5 C#5/G# G#5 Eb5 F5 1:------------------------2:------------------------3:------------------------4:(8)--(6)--(6)--(8)--(3)-5:-8----4----6----6----3--6:-6----4----4----6----1--
Riff 1a:======= N.C.1:----------------------------------------------------2:----------------------------------------------------3:----------------------------------------------------4:----------------------------------------------------5:---0-2-0----------0---------0-2-0----------0--------6:-3-------3--3-3-3---1--1-1--------3--3-3-3---1--1-2-
Riff 1b:======= N.C. G5 F5 N.C. G5 F5 F#51:--------------------------------------------------2:--------------------------------------------------3:--------------------------------------------------4:-------5--5-5-5---3--3-3--------5--5-5-5---3--3-4-5:-0-2-0-5--5-5-5-0-3--3-3--0-2-0-5--5-5-5-0-3--3-4-6:-------3--3-3-3---1--1-1--------3--3-3-3---1--1-2-
Chorus:======= N.C. C#5/G# N.C. C#5/G#1:--------------------------------2:--------------------------------3:-4-3-4---6---4-3-4--6--6--6-6-6-4:---------6----------6--6--6-6-6-5:---------4----------4--4--4-4-4-6:---------4----------4--4--4-4-4-
Bridge:======= N.C. E5 F5 E5 F5 E5 F51:-----------------------------------------------2:-----------------------------------------------3:-----------------------------------------------4:----------------------2-2-2--3--2-2---3---2--3-5:-0-0-2-0---0-0-2-0----2-2-2--3--2-2---3---2--3-6:---------3---------3--0-0-0--1--0-0---1---0--1-
N.C. E5 F5 E51:------------------------------------------2:------------------------------------------3:------------------------------------------4:----------------------2-2-2-3--2-2----2---5:-0-0-2-0---0-0-2-0----2-2-2-3--2-2-3--2-5-6:---------3---------3--0-0-0-1--0-0----0---
N.C. E5 F5 E5 N.C.1:--------------------------------------------2:--------------------------------------------3:--------------------------------------------4:----------------------2-2-2--3--2-2-----b2b-5:-0-0-2-0---0-0-2-0----2-2-2--3--2-2--0------6:---------3---------3--0-0-0--1--0-0---------
Ending:======= C5 C#5 B51:-----------2:-----------3:-5---6---4-4:-5---6---4-5:-3---4---2-6:-----------
Lyric/Song Structure: ===================== ---> Play Intro (x4) ---> Play Riff 1a over:
Between Mars and Jupiter there's a gap For another planet now wya back yeah Maybe a madman just blew the *** out of it Now where tryin' to get back in alignment Explains why we always go through cyles always tryin' to find it---> Play Riff 1b over:
Closin' onto the Age of Aquarius Crazy weather floods tornadoes Low Jet streams Not gettin' better enterin' a twilight zone Activities grown every single day More people spottin' UFO's---> Play Chorus over:
Let's come together with this New coast *** We got the mother***in' kids Now lets freak this *** It's messed up when you think you're feelin' Everything is wrong Takeover the pentagon---> Play Riff 1a over:
It's ***ed up in this paradigm 'Cuz I'm burnin' fossil fuels I don't even need to Free energy has been harnessed We don't use it why Because the techniques been suppressed---> Play Riff 1b over:
The hour glass hass passed has passed through granules That's cool we gotta break it Bust all these rules and switch I can see it as soon as you think it---> Play Chorus over:
Let's come together with this New coast *** We got the motherfukcin' kids Now lets freak this *** It's messed up when you think you're feelin' Everything is wrong Takeover the Pentagon---> Play Bridge---> Play Intro over:
I found a bootleg of the cosmic conscious then erased it Visualized the breath techniques slowly became it Now something is watching me Since I have found the keys to free this energy My high speed light body cuz the galaxy is crazy It doesn't amaze me that we're livin' out of phase And quickly decaying 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons Is encoded on this plane we live on ---> Play Ending (x4)
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