3sks - Time After Time tab

Song:  Time After Time
Band:  Tri State Killing Spree
Notes:  h-half note  
        q-quarter note
        e-eighth note
        s-sixteenth note
Rests:  h-half rest
        q-quarter rest
        e-eighth rest

INTRO(play once):

--------12------------------------12-11-12-12-12-----------12-12-----------12--11------10---10-10-9-10-11-12-----------------12---12---------12---12--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------q q q q q q q h ee e ee se se se ee ee ee ee eq q h q q eee q q h q q
12-11-12-12-12-----------------12\10*-12--12-12-----------12------h12------------------12---12--10-10-------------------12---12-----12-10-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ee ee ee ee e q q h q q ee ee e\e e q ee e q q h q q ee ee ss*-slide slowly
that's it, this is the only guitar part throughout the song.
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