4ft Fingers - Killing Time tab

From 4ft's first album 'At Your Convenience'.
All credit to Dom Westwood.

Verse G G C De--3--3--3--3B--3--3--3--3G--0--0--0--2D--0--0--2--0A--2--2--3--XE--3--3--X--X
Chorus G C# D Em B Ce--3--X--X--7---7--8---B--3--6--7--8---7--8---G--4--6--7--9---8--9---D--5--6--7--9---9--10--A--5--4--5--7---9--10--E--3--X--X--X---7--8---
NB: Slide from C# onto D, and from B onto C. VERSE 1 G C D Killing time with you is nothing new G C D Listen to you dribble on with out a fucking clue G C D All my friends are away G C D So I'll hang with you just for today CHORUS G D Em C I'm just killing time with you G D Em C I'm so sorry to do this to you G D Em C But I've got better things to do G D Em C Than hang arround killing time with you VERSE 2 G C D Hang arround until I see a real friend G C D Even if I look interested it's just for pretend G C D Get me into a film that's slightly blue G C D After all today I'm just killing time with you Verse 3 G C D You're OK I guess you bore me to death G C D So shut the fuck up already and give it a rest G C D Come right over, drink your beer and look at your porno magazines G C D And in return I'll teach you about the PUNKROCK scene Running Order: Intro [verse] Verse 1 Chorus Fill [1/2 verse] Verse 2 Chorus Fill [Banjo 1/2 verse] Fill [verse] Chorus [Drum fill] [Bass Solo][1/2 verse] Verse 3 Chorus X2 Note: Listen to the song and all will become clear.
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