4him – A Strange Way To Save The World chords

G A G/B D Asus AI'm sure he must have been surprised at where this road had taken him
G A G/B D Asus A'Cause never in a million lives would he have dreamed of Bethlehem
D/F# G A/C# DAnd standing at the manger He saw with his own eyes
Bm E Em7 AThe message from the angel come to life and Joseph said·
D A/C# Bm D/AWhy me, I'm just a simple man of trade
G D/F# Em7 AWhy Him, with all the rulers in the world
D A/C# Bm D/AWhy here, inside this stable filled with hay
G D/F# Em7 AWhy her, she's just an ordinary girl
Bm F#/A# D/A E/G#Now I'm not one to second guess what angels have to say
Em7 A G A D/F# GBut this is such a strange way to save the world
G A G/B D Asus ATo think of how it could have been, if Jesus had come as He deserved
G A G/B D Asus AThere would have been no Bethlehem No lowly shepherds at His birth
D/F# G A/C# DBut Joseph knew the reason Love had to reach so far
Bm E/G# Em7 AAnd as he held the Savior in his arms, he must have thought (Chorus)
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