77 Bombay Street – Up In The Sky chords

77 Bombay Street - Up in the Sky

F#mUp in the sky, there is a village
E DAnd the people there are blue, I believe it's true
F#mUp in the sky, people are happy
E DThey love to sing and there is no need for a king
F#mUp in the sky, nothing is insane
E DLike a rocket driven plane you can fly above the rain
F#mUp in the sky, you just feel fine
E DThere is no running out of time and you never cross a line
F#m E D I never want to die
F#m E DI wanna live in the sky
I'm going to the blue Into the blue Wanna live up in the sky Wanna live up in the sky (2x) Up in the sky Up in the sky, you can fly You will make it if you try In the sky you are far away Up in the sky you can sing And you can do everything And no matter what they say it's true I'm going to the blue
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