8 Stops 7 – Empty chords

This is the way i play it on acoustic im sure its nowhere near right but it
sounds good when i play it not meant to be an exact cover just a good chord base

(single strum)
G CGive yourself up to me
D Cadd9 GI know what your thinking
G Cand it's plain to see
D Cadd9 GThat you've stopped believing
(same as above w/diff strum pattern) Cause I let you down I meant well but it changed somehow Kept your thoughts to yourself And when I woke up I wished I had as well (after final G i strum e string frets 3 2)
Em'Cause I missed all this to be empty
CNow I find, seems like I been misleading
EmMyself, this bridge, today, I can't win
C Am EmMy aim is off
You made me proud And I'm a foolish, selfish, cautious clown for I've already spent all my effort wasted on regrets (Chorus)
Am C EmFalling down
D G EmI should have thought this one out
Am C EmBut I have lived a life of doubt
D G EmNever believing what I found
Am C Emcould pull me out
D G Em Em(hold)pull me out, pull me out
(back to verse chords) I just need to be found
(single strum til Cadd9)Give Yourself up to me
I know what your thinking (chorus X2)
G'Cause I'm here
Cand Your not.
and thats it...not the best but works for one person with an acoustic
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