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From swede@email.unc.edu Sun May  4 11:17:02 1997
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 14:28:43 -0500 (EST)
From: Fred Lidskog 
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Subject: TAB: Up In The Sky   by Oasis

>From Fred Lidskog 

Up In The Sky, written by Noel Gallagher, performed by Oasis.
Song can be found on the album "Definitely Maybe" and an acoustic version
of the song can be found on the UK "Live Forever" single.

I saw that someone finally did a transcription of this song, but although
it was close, a few chords were incorrect, so here goes:

Chords used:

G	(3x0033)
Fadd9	(xx3213)
C	(x32010)
Cadd6	(x32013)
C5	(x3555x)
A7/C#	(x42020)  can also be played easier as (x456xx)
D	(x57775)
Em	(x79987)

Here's the tab for the riff that is played through all the "G"
chords during the verses of the song:  (I'll call it "Main Riff"):

e----------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------|G------0-----------0-----0---------------| (this repeats a bunch of times)D---------------3---------------3--5-----|A---------3--5-------------3--5----------|E---3-----------------3---------------3--|
Also, there is a little fill played during each "Fadd9" and the "Cadd6" during the verses:
Fadd9 Cadd6e--3----3-----3----3-----|B--1-------1--1-------1--|G--2----------0----------| (then back to "main riff")D--3----------2----------|A-------------3----------|E------------------------|
Verse 1 ------- [NOTE: the above riffs are played by a 2nd guitar while the other guitar plays the below chords] G Hey you! Up in the sky, learning to fly, tell me how high Fadd9 Cadd6 G Do you think you'll go, before you start fallin' G Hey you! Up in the tree, you wanna be me, well that couldn't be Fadd9 Cadd6 G 'cos the people here, they don't hear you callin' Chorus ------ C A7/C# How does it feel G (w/ main riff) When you're inside me. Verse 2 ------- [same chords and riffs used as verse 1] Hey you! wearing the crown, making no sound, I heard you feel down Well that's too bad, welcome to my world Hey you! stealing the light, I heard that the shine's gone out of your life Well that's just too bad, welcome to my world C A7/C# So how does it feel G When you're inside me? Bridge ------ D Em D C5 You'll need assistance with the things that you have never ever seen D It's just a case of never breathing out Em D C5 Before you've breathed it in A7/C# C G So how does it feel when you're inside me
[NOTE: the above tab is a combination of the chords played by guitar 1 and the fill played by guitar 2. It sounds cool if you're only playing with one guitar (that is, if you're not playing with somebody else) :) ] [REPEAT VERSE 1] [CHORUS] [BRIDGE] Questions, comments, corrections, requests to swede@email.unc.edu Don't be shy!!
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