Obrother – Ascension chords

Intro tab is something like this.

We sat in silence, I spoke of leaving And from the floor I tried to crawl away With my arms all but succeeding I'll water your grave, and watch it grow Into a bed of lies you sewed in life They live on long after you're gone. C#m B E A
C#m B EAll in all we're dust and bone, so we'll dig our graves before we're old
Aenough to lie in them
C#mWe'll spread our ash amongst the dirt
B ETo soil the seed that breeds the earth
ASo we can live again
C#m B E ASo wait for me to bloom
C#m B E F#m (Chorus)
A or (C#m) C#m or (E)Stay.
B We're a garden fed
B A or (C#m) C#m or (E) From the blood left in your veins
BSo stay with me or I'll shrivel and dry out.
(end chorus) C#m E B Esus4 C#m E B Esus4
C#m B E AAnd wait, for me to bloom
C#m B E AAnd wait, for me to bloom
C#m B E F#m A (Then back into the chorus) (End the chorus on A)
A ESo stay.
A ESo stay.
A E (for the rest of the song)
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