Oc Supertones – Jury Duty tab

Song: Jury Duty
Band: Supertones
Cd: Loud and Clear
Tab by Austen

This song is sweet! I'm not real sure about the intro, and I don't
have the solo, so if anyone knows them, go ahead and fix it.

Intro x3 (/ just means repeat)E|-----------------------------|B|-----3/////----3//------2//--|G|-----2/////----2//------2//--|D|-2h4-4/////----4//------0//--|A|-5---5/////--2------0-0------|E|-----------------------------|
Chorus/2nd Intro x4 (// means slide) D, C//D, C//D, C//D, D B, A//B, G//A, A Verse x4 palm mute D/////// D/////// B/////// G// A// Pre-chorus x2 G,B,A Verse x4 Pre-chorus x2 Chorus x4 Verse x4 Pre-chorus x2 Chorus x4 Bridge D,G,B,A During solo B,G,B,A Chorus repeats end on D.. D Chords: D-x577xx C-x355xx B-799xxx A-577xxx G-355xxx
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