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From: "Oscar" 
Subject: o/ocean_colour_scene/mrs_jones.crd
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 20:02:48 +0200

Author : James Gauld - (RobRoy1418@aol.com)
Song   : 'Mrs Jones' - (OCS)
Source : 'The Circle' b-side

Mrs Jones - OCS
Chord tab:
          D     = XX0232     F#   = 244322
          F#m   = 244222
          A     = X02220     D2   = XXX575
          Asus2 = X02200     F#m2 = X9-11-11-10-9
G = 320033 A2 = XXX9-11-9Intro: Sounds a little like 'Across the Universe' D2 F#m2 A2 | | | E-|-5--------7--9--------------9------------------|x2 B-|----7-----------10------10---------------------|x2 G-|-7-----7------------11------9--11--9--11--9----|x2 D-|-----------------------------------------------|x2 A-|-------------9---------------------------------|x2 E-|-----------------------------------------------|x2
Verse 1: D F#m A Asus2 A What are gonna do today, Mrs Jones? D F#m A Are you gonna chase the pain away, Mrs Jones? Chorus: G Believe it sitting there, A Waiting outside your door, G Hoping to find the things, A You'd hope would tell you more, G D About the dreams that seemed to slip away. Verse 2: What are you gonna do today, Mrs Jones? Are you gonna face the bills to pay, Mrs Jones? [chorus] Bridge: F# G D F#m It's not as if Mr Jones could help in any way F# G D F#m A It's not as if Mr Jones - the bills that he could pay______ [fill-in] [bridge] [verse 1] [chorus]
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