Ocean Colour Scene – Step By Step tab

			     Step By Step - Ocean Colour Scene
Tabbed by:Timmy B

Tuning: Standard  

Intro: D Dsus2 A 
       D Dsus2 A E

                    D    Dsus2  A
We`re gonna take it step by step
D      Dsus2 A           E
Little by little, that`s all
                D   Dsus2 A
And a though it may be a long time
   D       Dsus2 A            E
If you and I`m strong, that`s all

Verse 1:

Winter froze us like a blue Monday
                                      Dsus4   G
So you and I we battened our defences overnight
Come the spring and I`ll be on the road then
                                           A7sus4      Cadd9    G
I just hope that you`ll have got a hold on feeling all right 


You and I should sail out on the water
And you and I should do just what we ought to 
Some time soon
Come the autumn we`ll be getting home by
The light is thin that I`ll be holding you by
Not too soon


Winter chills us like a bloody Sunday
But you and I have loosened our defences overnight
Come the spring and I`ll be don`t know where then
But I know that you`ll have had a load of feeling all right


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