Ocean Colour Scene – Man In The Middle tab


D     =x57775
A     =577655
E     =x79997

Intro: D A E e--------------------------|B--------------------------|G--------------------------|x3D-------------------2------|A-5-4-2-----------2--------|E-------5-4-2-0-4----------|
D A E e--------------------------|B--------------------------|G--------------------------|D--------------------------|A-5-4-2--------------------|E-------5-4-2-0~~~---------|
Verse 1: D A E I let go of myself so i feel bad D A E (Fill 1) All i do is wait so i feel sad D A E My mind slips away and i'm wondering how D A E7add9 It all came to this, can i go now Chorus: (same as Intro) D A I'm the man in the middle E D'you know how that feels D A E The one in the middle you know D A And i don't really love you E I've been here before D A E I've been in the middle you see Verse 2: (same as 1) I don't have to go, so i stay home Wondering why i'm feeling so bad Don't you think that you, you could be strong 'Cos i'm not something to share And i'm on my own (Oh yes i am) repeat chorus
Fill 1:e--------------------|B--------------------|G--------------------|D--------------------|A-----2-5-4-2--------|E-0-4----------------|
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