Ocean Colour Scene – So Low tab

                     Ocean Colour Scene so low         tabbed by Craig Salt

This song was recorded in C, however when performed live, it's played in G

verse 1 intro G,Em,C,D,C

G                           Em                         C
If anyone rises at 6.31 and fakes all day that they're having their fun,

      G                D                        C          G
 they never did get it right, since they got it so low, to anyone drinking

                     Em             C                     G
the morning away the afternoon will prove a mistake, they never will get it

D                        C
right now they've got it so low

       G             D             C                                G
and we laugh, and we drink, and we teach ourselves not to think, we never
            D                      C
 did get it right, since we got it so low

verse 2 To all of the people who bleed by your side, and split from their tongues, and 
their knives, they never will get a life now they've got it so low

verse 3 To all of the faces that freeze for you there, in your memory when you try not 
care, they never disappear down the slow road

                              middle eight
                          cornfields, and pigtails, and fish in the stream
                          the night where the boys
                          stole a billion dollar
                          dream, from the high jinx
                          school for girls, down
                          the road

verse 4 stories are smoke trails and some may be true, you listen to me, oh i'm talking 
you, i hope you never fall from grace if you get it so low
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