Ocean Colour Scene – Foxys Folk Faced tab

|G  |   |
|G |C                      |G   |
  I think everybody's after me
|C                           |Em  |
They want to know just what I feel
|Dadd9   C           |G    |
Pushing wires under my nose
|Dadd9      C              |Em
Everybody's standing on my toes
            D                |C        |G     |
Telling the world what I should know
|G   |C                                 |G    |
  You said you'd seen life from near the floor
|C                   |Em     |
You opened every closing door
|Dadd9         C          |G     |
Thank you for always being there
|Dadd9          C              |Em
And all the nights in which we shared
          D             |C      |G(with quick changes to C) |
And we know we're always there
|Em        D        |C     |
If it ever gets you down
|Em         D         |C
You know I'll always be around
                       |D     |C      |
Cos too much just ain't enough
|G    |C                    |G    |
   We - we who are your property
|C                       |Em      |
Whose every single move you see
|Dadd9     C           |G     |
We don't mind the prying eyes
|Dadd9       C         |Em
We don't mind all your lies
            D           |C      |
Or the headlines that you write
|G      |       |
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