Odeath - Angeline chords

Okay here's my second tab, and it's another O'death song. This is song is pretty 
easy to play all with open chords.


     C, Em,  C,  Em,  C,  Em,  Am,  G


C Em The leaves have turned,
C Em Your ways have burned,
C Em Your naked flesh,
Am G Against the sun.
C Em Your walls are bare,
C Em And your huddled there,
C Em Ignoring
Am G Everyone.
C Em But on your own,
C Em Your kids have grown,
C Em And left you to,
Am G Waste away yourself,
C Em You want to eat,
C Em But your stubborn feet,
C Em Have left,
Am G Nothing on the shelf.
C Em Angeline, Angeline
C Em All your friends on their hands, and knees,
C Em Tired of your tragedies,
Am G And standing on your bones tonight,
Am G Dressed up in the pale moonlight,
Am G Surrounded by the tall grass, waving with the pale brown trees.
This is the way they play the whole song. The rest of the lyrics are as follows: What a bad sight, your corpse is light, and laid out for everyone to see. Now the snow has come, falling on everyone, and making steam when we breathe. Now they put you in the ground, about six feet down, and left you to rot in your dirt cave shell. Now the worms they feed, on your fragile feet, as you walk your naked path to hell. Chorus Play intro twice, end.
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