Officer Negative – Stars And Stripes tab

Artist: Officer negative
Song: Stars And Stripes

Intro e|-------------------------| B|-------------------------| Hold the bend and let the note G|-7--------7--12b14-------| fade out. D|---9----9----------------| A|-----10------------------| E|-------------------------|
This is the main riff and the verse riff (listen to song for strumming and order. e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| Play twice then pause, G|-8-7------8-7---7---------------| then the vocals come in D|-8-7-8-5--8-7-8-7---------------| and you do it a few more A|-6-5-8-5--6-5-8-5---------------| times. E|-----6-3------6-----------------|
Chorus e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| Listen to the song for strumming G|---7----------------------------| It does a strum and then plam mute D|-8-7-5-3-x-5--------------------| pattern the first four times. A|-8-5-5-3-x-5--------------------| Last two times no palm muting and E|-6---3-1-x-3--------------------| the last time you end on the first G5
Interlude e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| G|------------------7-------------| D|-x-5-ring out-----7-ring out a--| A|-x-5--------------5-few times---| E|-x-3----------------------------|
Solo (Live only) e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| Once again listen to the song G|-7---10-8--7--------------------| for the amount of strums and D|---8---------8-10---------------| the strum pattern A|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------|
Break e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| Same rythm as the solo G|-7---10-8--7------------end on--| D|-7-8-10-8--7-8-10---------7-----| Bend the last chord up a little A|-5-8--8-6--5-8-10---------7-----| E|---6---------6--8---------5-----|
Listen to the song for the order of the parts
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