Offspring – Dirty Magic chords

The Offspring - Dirty Magic

Tabbed by egidio, February 2010

Tuning : Standard

I really like this song and i allways wanted to play and sing it. 
But playing the song on one single guitar is very difficult. So i made
this easy chord version for acoustic guitar, 
which is more of a cover of the song, but i think it captures the mood
of the song quite good and i really enjoy playing and singing it. 
I mostly use the common (D DU UDU)-strumming pattern.
Try using a capo to play it in the tune that fits your voice best.

I hope you enjoy it.


Chors used:

Em     022000
Aadd9  x02200
C      x32010
Bm     x24432
G      320001


Em Aadd9 C Bm In my own simple way, I think she wants me only
Em Aadd9 G G She said come over right away
Em Aadd9 C Bm But she's just not that way, her little soul is stolen
Em Aadd9 G G See her put on her brand new face
Em Aadd9 C G (Come on and) Pull the shades, razor blades, you're so tragic
Em Aadd9 C G I hate you so, but love you more, I'm so elastic
Em Aadd9 C G The things you say, games you play, dirty magic
Em Aadd9 G G --Verse2--
Em Aadd9 C Bm I should know better than, to think I'd reach inside her
Em Add9 G G It's all a cloudy kind of daze
Em Aadd9 C Bm She's not so sweet today, she mocks me, I'm no fighter
Em Aadd9 G G It all just seems like such a waste
--Chorus-- ( mostly i stop here and don't play the rest, because i don't think it fits this acoustic version that good, but you can play : ) 3x:
Em Aadd9 G G It's oversimplified
--Chorus-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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