Oh Chentaku - Colours chords

Artist:Oh Chentaku
Tuning:Aku tak tau nama tune ni apa.Mula-mula tune jadi half step dulu lepas tu baru 
drop D.Masa nak drop D tu cuma
adjust tali D# jadi C#.

tabbed by deeplut
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CToday,I'm getting closer to you
F5To tell you that I missed you so much
CThe stars are here and the wave were coercive
F5These knuckles break before they bleed that I'm sure
I tried not to drown in the water
C F5Forgive me for what I've done in the past
C G5This the day
F5This is our time to make it right ,from right back where we left it
C G5 F5This is afterlife,we longing for
The colours of our chemistry
CCurses were not from my heart
F5It shattered my eyes,I spoke of which I didnt realize
I overreacted
C F5Shed no tears anymore
A5 F5 G5Knives mark will never be replaced
A5 F5 G5No,not in this lifetime
A5 F5 G5Breaking promises into pieces
A5 F5But I'm here to sweat myself pulling
G5Things back together
A5Heavens are thin
F5The speed of the heartbeats
C G5I would have kill myself if you let me do it
A5 F5 CThere's nowhere else to go
G5Other than you
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