Ohio Players – Love Rollercoaster tab

"Love Rollercoaster" by The Ohio Players, 1975

Intro, main riff
tabbed by Freshy Fresh Fresh

The '....' stuff represents somewhat complicated rhythms that you can 
figure out yourself. All the tabs I've seen for this song forget to 
include the add9 chords that the guitarist uses as a subtle accent to 
the riff, so I made this tab!

riff I:

e ---8---------6-8-6------7-----------5-------6-------8-----|b ---8---....--6-6-6------5--...------5--..---6--..---8-----|g ---9---------7-7-7------6-----------6-------7-------9-----| repeat bar onced ---10--------8-8-8------7-----------7-------8-------10----|a ----------------------------------------------------------|e ----------------------------------------------------------| C Bb,Bbadd9,Bb Aadd9 A Bb C
riff II:
e ---8---------6------5-----------5-------6-------8------|b ---8---....--6-..---5--...------5--..---6--..---8------|g ---9---------7------6-----------6-------7-------9------| go back to IId ---10--------8------7-----------7-------8-------10-----|a -------------------------------------------------------|e -------------------------------------------------------| C Bb A A Bb C
The guitarist varies between I and II depending on his mood, but the idea to keep is that there are two distinct main riffs in this song.
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