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Oingo Boingo – Stay tab



Main Riff3|-------------------2--------------------2--------|4|------3-1--1~3-1~3--------3-1-3---1---1-----1-3--|5|--------------------------------3---3-----3------|6|--1-1-----------------1-1------------------------|
Chorus2|--------------------------------2--|3|------3-----------------3-----1----|4|----3---3-----4-------3---3--------|5|--1---------4---4---1-------4------|6|----------2------------------------| X 2
2|------------------------------2--|3|------1---------------1-----1----|4|----1---1-----4-----1---1--------|5|------------4---4---------4------|6|--4-------2-------4--------------| X 2
Verse Riff 2Keyboard/Guitar1|----11-13--15------11-13--11--|2|--8--------------8------------|
This is the bare bones of the song very simple and straight. The main riff is the only pain. It comes with a little practice but is easy once you get that fluid sound that Steve uses. Lyrics This is not the first time - you tried to get away. This is not a party - where people know your name. This is not a classroom - with teacher at the board. This is not a cat show - with prizes at the door. |Chorus| Go - Don't you go. Won't you stay with me one more day. If we get through one more night. If we get through one more night. This is not a horse race - where winner beats the time. This is not a funeral - with mourners in a line. This is not a sitcom - where everything's alright. This is not a prison - with terror through the night. |Chorus|
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