Famous Tracheotomies chords with lyrics by Okkervil River - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Okkervil River – Famous Tracheotomies chords

[Verse 1]
G DWhen I had my tracheotomy
AmI was blue and had stopped breathing
Em CThere was something wrong with me
G DDoctors cut through the cartilage and skin
AmAt the bottom of my throat
C Am DAnd then they snaked that trach tube in
[Chorus 1]
Bm EmAnd I was one and a half
AmI was my parents only kid
Em CAnd they had lost two before that
Bm Em CAnd growing up, I always knew how close I'd come
DWell, that must have been scary, Mom
[Verse 2]
G DGary Coleman, he was "Arnold" on TV
Am Em CWell, I grew up watching him and Conrad Bain and Kimberly
G DIt turns out that he had a trach scar too
AmWhere they cut into his throat
C Am DAnd then they threaded that tube through
[Chorus 2]
Bm EmBut that was much later on
Am Em CIn the year that he turned forty when his fanbase was all gone
Bm EmAnd his health was so touch-and-go
CHis girlfriend proposed
DBut they broke up on a TV show
[Verse 3]
G DMary Wells, she was known as Motown's Queen
Am Em CBut laryngeal cancer left her unable to sing
G DThey tried radiation, multiple surgeries
Am C Am DBut she didn't have insurance and lost almost everything
Poor thing [Chorus 3]
Bm EmBut Diana Ross helped with her bills
Am Em CAretha Franklin tried her very best to help out Mary Wells
Bm EmAnd Dionne Warwick did all she could do
CAnd Mary Wells, she pulled through
DFor one more year or two
[Verse 4]
G DDylan Thomas looked completely pale and weak
Am Em COn a trip to New York City to promote his poety
G DThree straight days of drinking out in Greenwich and Chelsea
Am C Am DHe was taken to the hospital, turned blue and not breathing
[Chorus 4]
Bm EmAnd Caitlin Thomas said
AmWhen she walked into St Vincent's
Em C"Is the bloody man dead yet?"
Bm Em CAnd later that day she got so drunk she was restrained
DAnd her husband slipped away
[Verse 5]
G DRay Davies had a tracheotomy
Am Em CHe was at St. Thomas' Hospital in London, aged thirteen
G DAnd during his long recovery
AmNurses put him in a wheelchair
C Am DAnd they'd wheel him out onto a balcony (on a balcony)
[Chorus 5]
Bm EmAnd down that evening sun did sink
Am Em CPainting London and the river and that freaked-out future Kink
Bm EmWaterloo lit up for one sick kid
C DAnd, at 23, he recorded a song about it
[Outro} G D Am C
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