Old Man Luedecke – Little Bird chords

A DLittle bird don't know your name
EYou've been hangin' round my yard
A DThough it may still snow in May
F#m E DYou're journey's long and hard
A DThere's miles to go before you yet
EThis is not the end
A DYou're welcome back most any time
F#m D EI'll always call you friend
D E A DYou go all the way
D E AYou go all the way
D E A DYou go all the way
D E AYou go all the way
A DYou're in the sun singin' foreign tunes
ETill my heart could break
A DBut stayin' here, I fear, my dear,
F#m E DWould be a drear mistake
A DThough seasons they go wearily now
EThere's danger in the sun
A D For all our peace of mind, my dear,
F#m E DI'm hopin' you're the one
A DI never held a single thing
EI lived just for myself
A DI met a darling little bird
F#m D ELove became our wealth
A DAnd soon I'd like to help all things
EFind their place in the sun
A DAnd like the darling bird that flew
F#m E DYou'll always be the ones
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