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Olivia Newton-john – Look At Me Im Sandra Dee tab

Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise)  -  Olivia Newton-John

>>> Tabbed by Marcel Strbak (marcel_strbak@yahoo.com) <<<

Chord used:

A A7 D B B7 E e-0-0--2-2-2--0-- B-2-2--3-4-0--0-- G-2-0--2-4-2--1-- D-2-2--0-4-1--2-- A-0-0----2-2--2-- E-------------0--
Verse1: A A7 D Look at me, there has to be B B7 E something more than what they see A A7 D B Wholesome and pure, oh so scared and unsure, A E A A poor man's Sandra Dee Verse2: Sandy, you must start anew, Don't you know what you must do Hold your head high, take a deep breath and sigh Goodbye to Sandra Dee
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