Omc – How Bizarre tab

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Song    : "How Bizarre"
Artist  :  OMC
Album   : "How Bizarre"
Transcribed by Kurt Smith (

This is the entire tab to "How Bizarre" by OMC. This should
cover the whole song.  Song is played with two acoustics.
First plays C-G-F progression while other plays riffs.

Acoustic Intro

C G Pele's in the back . . . F Zina's in the front C G Cruisin' down the highway F in the hot hot sun (Stay with same progression) Suddenly red blue lights Flash us from behind Loud voice booming Please step out onto the line Pele preach words of comfort Zina just hides her eyes Policeman taps his shades Is that a Chevy 69 Chorus How bizarre Chorus Riff
Destination unknown As we pull in for some gas Freshly painted poster Reveals a smile from the pack Elephants and acrobats Lions snakes monkeys Pele speaks righteous Sister Zina says funky How Bizarre (repeat chorus riff) Ring master step out says The elephants left town People jump and jive But the clowns have stuck around TV news and camera There's choppers in the sky Marines plice reporters Ask where for and why Pele yells we're outta here Zina says right on We're making moves and startin' grooves Before they knew we're gone Jumped into the Chevy headed for big lights Wanna know the rest Buy the rights How bizarre (repeat chorus riff) Outro C-G-F progression (again, and again, and again ....) That's about it. Of course you might need a harmonica and brass section to fill in the void. Send suggestions and corrections to
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