Omd – Enola Gay chords

Enola Gay

Standard Tuning

F--Dm--Bb--C--; (2X)

FEnola Gay
DmYou should have stayed at home yesterday
BbUh-huh, it's kinda of sly
CThe feelin' and the way of life
FThese games you play
DmThey're gonna end in all the tears someday
BbUh-huh, Enola Gay
CIt shouldn't ever have to end this way
Ad lib F--Dm--Bb--C-- (1st verse chords) At 10:15 And that's the time that it's always been We got your message on the radio Collision's novel and your comin' home Ad lib F--Dm-Bb--C--;(2X) (1st verse chords) Enola Gay It's not the proud little voice today Uh-huh, this kiss you give It's never ever gonna fade hold Bb-C-- away. (Repeat 1st Ad lib) (1st verse chords) Enola gay It shouldn't ever have to end this way Uh-huh, Enola Gay It should have ever been our dreams away (Repeat 3rd verse) (Repeat 4th verse except last set of chords) F hold
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