One Night Only – Forget My Name chords

One Night Only - Forget my name

There weren't any tabs of this A-H-M-A-Z-I-N-G song, so i decided to make one. it's not 
100% accurate, but i tried my best, and i think it sounds
normal. Enjoy! CAPO ON THE 5TH FRET!

Intro: A - D - F#m - E x2

A F#mSo you want to be famous?
BmI'll tell you something
EYou've got to get away
A F#mI need some time in the sunshine somewhere
BmYou need the sun and the sea
EAnd your golden hair
AYou can dance
F#mYou can dance all night, yeah
BmAnd I'll be leaving
EAs soon as the sun comes up
A F#mAre you gonna come with me someday?
Bm EI'm going, I'm going
D BmYou know we're going to burn out this way
ABut we'll be lighting the sky
D BmTell me you wanna be famous someday
AI see the look in your eye
D BmYou know we're going to burn out this way
A Bb F#mBut we'll be lighting the sky
BmOn and on, we keep on dreaming
D AIn the end, you won't forget my name
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