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One Right Turn – Seems So Wrong chords

Seems So Wrong
Performed By: One Right Turn
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Chords: C, G, Dm, F, G

Baby can we spend this time together
Tell me how I long I can stay before we 
have to say goodbye
To many roads I had to take to realize the 
The water's coming fast, and its to late to turn
back time... I've been

Washed away,  the tears have fall
God only knows what kind of love
how great the fall
and all the past mistakes
 and nights alone
and to see you with another
BABY ... it onlyseems so wrong

Baby I can't stay tonight remember
its only right for me to go
I've got her waiting by the phone
And all the promises I made
they can never...
never justify the truth
that I can never be with you
I've been


Baby! my heart is breaking
I wanna hold hold hold you 
I wanna love you love you love you
BABY! our love is breaking
oh crazy crazy crazy
oh baby baby baby.....



whoa... whoa whoa...
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