One Sonic Society Oss – Forever Reign chords

CYou are good, You are good when there's nothing good in me
G/CYou are love, You are love on display for all to see
CYou are light, You are light when the darkness closes in
G in You are hope, You are hope, You have covered all my sin
CYou are peace, You are peace when my fear is crippling
G/CYou are true, You are true even in my wandering
CYou are joy, You are joy, You're the reason that I sing
G/C CYou are life, You are life; in You, death has lost its sting
C Am(Oh) I'm running to Your arms, I'm running to Your arms
FThe riches of Your love will always be enough
Am G FAnd nothing compares to Your embrace
Am G CLight of the world, forever reign
You are more, You are more than my words will ever say You are Lord, You are Lord; all creation will proclaim You are here, You are here; in Your presence I'm made whole You are God, You are God; of all else I'm letting go (chorus) Instrumental: Am F C G/B Bridge:
Am F C G/BMy heart will sing, no other name-Jesus, Jesus
Am F C G/BMy heart will sing, no other name-Jesus, Jesus (repeat as necessary-CH)
Note: Jesus is God of everything!Praise the Lord!
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