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Song: Room Without a Window
Band: Operation Ivy
Album: Energy (1989)
Written by Jesse Michaels, Lint Armstrong, Matt Freeman and Dave Mello
Transcribed by Luke Knox (lukeknox@iname.com)

Intro/Verse/Toast break chords used: G D C FE--3---2---3---1---|B--3---3---5---1---|G--4---2---5---2---|D--5---0---5---3---|A------------------|E------------------|
Chorus chords used:E-----------------|B-----------------|G--3--------------|D--3---4---3------|A--1---4---3------|E------2---1------| Bb F# F
[Intro:] G G G The position being taken is not to be mistaken for attempted D G G G education or righteous accusation. Only a description, just G G G G G G an observation of the pitiful condition of our degeneration. [Verse:](played with ska upstrokes) C F G Walls made of opinions, through which we speak and never C F G listen. Ceiling made of pride, vicious and self-satisfied. C F G C Door that's made of rage, hard and slowly aged, always F G closing tighter with every war we wage. [Chorus:] Bb F# F Bb In this room without a window can't see out. Room without a F# F window, Can't see out! Can't see out! [Verse:] C F G Floor is made of lives, we'll gladly end to stay inside. C F G Corners made of borders, and borders made of law and order. C F G Painted with the words of politicians and religion, C F G plastered with the wreckage of our cultural division. [Chorus] [Toast break:] (C - F repeated.) Ha ha ha ha ha Oh, we so stupid! Killing each other. Don't we learn nothin'? [Bridge:](2x) (continue C - F) Got a room inside our minds, yeah we gotta, we can't see out because we're blind, but I got to choke. Gotta make ourselves drink (all right) from a room without a window to a different way to think. [Intro] Then play the verse chords, with the words from the chorus. End on a C. That's it! I hope this sounds right to you. E-mail me with any comments, etc. Luke
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