Operation Ivy – Sound System tab ver. 2

From: SkunX42@aol.com
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 16:33:12 -0500

			      by Operation Ivy
tabbed by: SkunX42@aol.com
    D      A      E      G
=0Duse ska strumming for verses and chorus( muted, upstrummed chords)=0DIntro: A, D, A, E, A, E=0D|-------------------------||--------------9-9-9-8-7--||---sl.\6-6-6-------------| (i'm pretty sure about this little solo)|-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------|
=0D CHORUS: =0D D A E G sound system gonna bring me back up yeah, =0D D A E G one thing that i can depend on =0D VERSES: =0D D A try to describe to the limit of my ability =0D E G it's there for a second then it's given up what it used to be =0D (with same progression) contained in music somehow more then just sound this inspiration coming and twisting things around cause you always know that it's gonna have to go you always know that you'll be back in the cold point of departure sublimated in a song it's always comin to give me hope for just a second then it's gone, but =0D CHORUS =0D static pulse inside of music bringing us escape it's always temporary changing nothing in it's wake just a second where we're leavin all this shit behind just a second but it's leavin just this much in mind to resist despair, that second makes you see... to resist despair, cause you can't change everything to resist despair in this world is what it is what it is to be free =0D CHORUS =0D Bridge: D A A sound system =0D E A E = wake up turn my box on bust the shade let the sun in =0D (same chords) times gettin tougher bout time to start runnin box in my hand, music by my side skankin to the rhythm of the music by my side =0D CHORUS =0D that's it!= --PART.BOUNDARY.0.433.mail06.mail.aol.com.817680791--
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