Opeth – Burden tab

Intro : Am Dm

Am    Dm         G
I once upon a time 
Bb            C            D
Carried a burden inside 
Dm                      C
Some will ask goodbye 
    Dm                   Bb
A broken line but underlined 
                  C            A7             Dm-G-Bb-A
There's an ocean of sorrow in you Dm G Bb-ASorrow in me Am Dm G Saw movement in their eyes Bb C DSaid I no longer knew the way Dm CGiven up the ghost Dm Bb A passing minds and its a fear C A7 Dm-G-Bb-AIn the wait for redemption ahead Dm G Bb-DWaiting to fade
Solo : Dm-G
Dm-G-Bb-A Dm-G-Bb-A
Fading again Am Dm G If death should take me now Bb C D Count my mistakes and let me through Dm C Whisper in my ear Dm Bb Taken more than we've received C A7 And the ocean of sorrow is Dm-Bb-Gm-A You...
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