Opeth – Nepenthe tab

Artist: Opeth
Album: 'Heritage' (2011)

   Am            Bm7      Ebmaj7     Adim7       Gm    F#m7b5
1: Hope    would fail  me in     the fall - ing  snow, And   
2: Friends would leave me in     my  dark - est  hour, Yet
3: She     would haunt my dreams and feed   my demons, They

C#m      Dmaj7      Bsus2
slake a  wish in  - side.
trust me with their lives.
tell  me to  -  oo  go.

Am - 577555
Bm7 - 797777
Ebmaj7 - x6878x
Adim7 - xx7878
Gm - x1012121110
F#m7b5 - x8989x
C#m - x46654
Dmaj7 - x5767x
Bsus2 - 6xx566

PM me if you have any changes, and I'll put up the instrumental sections when I 
have the time. Cheers (:
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