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Opshop – No Ordinary Thing tab

No Ordinary Thing by Opshop. 

Intro: Em, G, C, Am

Em           G        C         Am
Was this to show you I would not fail you? 

Em           G        C         Am
Was that the reason you were looking back? 

Em                    G        C               Am
So I'm trusting in existence I'm thrusting on momentum. 

Em               G                     C          Am
I don't want to see these threads of love collide 

1st Bridge:
C                G   A
not ever again 
             C              G    A     
No, not ever again...  nooooo 

Verse 2&3: Repeat verse 1 chords

Em       C              G   
No my love, this is no ordinary thing 

      D        Em       C
My love, my love, my love 
This is no ordinary thing 

No, this is no ordinary thing 

2nd Bridge:
A              D               A
We were compromised by our own hearts 
         D                     A
Jealous seas couldn't keep us apart 
           D                              A
I wanted to touch you but we stop when we start 
I wanted to hold you, hold you 
             Em   G    C    Am (x2)
But here we are....... 

Outro: Play chorus till end.

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