Orange 9mm – Fire In The Hole tab

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From Sun Apr 27 11:21:07 1997
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 16:08:30 -0500
From: dufresne 
Subject: TAB: 'Fire in the Hole' by 'Orange 9mm

Fire in the Hole -by Orange 9mm
Transcribed by Andy Dufresne (

This is a really cool song by these guys off TRAGIC and I didnt see 
any tabs of it, so here's my best shot.

(^=bend //=slide)

Opening/ Main Riff

D A Ab G C D A Ab G C e-----------------------------------------------------------------------b-----------------------------------------------------------------------g--7^---------------5--5--5--5--//---7^---------------5--5--5--5--//---D--7^---7---6---5---5--5--5--5--//---7^---7---6---5---5--5--5--5--//---A--5^---7---6---5---3--3--3--3--//---5^---7---6---5---3--3--3--3--//---E-------5---4---3-------------------------5---4---3---------------- ect.
Bridge ("You'll never live it down...")
D D D D e-----------------------------------------b-----------------------------------------g---------7----7----7----7----------------D---------7----7----7----7----------------A---------5----5----5----5----------------E----------------------------------------- ect.
That's basically it, except for the lead which you can improvise yourself (use a lot of big bends and go nuts). Email any additions, comments, corrections, insults or any other feedback about this tab to
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