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From: live@digitechs.com
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 00:38:32 +0000
Subject: Orbit:  Bicycle Song from Libido Speedway

Bicycle Song--Orbit: Libido Speedway

Tabbed by josh bratcher of The Clones (live@digitechs.com) Eb5 B5 C#5 F#5 E5Chords: e|------|------|------|------|------| B|------|------|------|------|------| G|--8---|------|--6---|--11--|--9---| D|--8---|--9---|--6---|--11--|--9---| A|--6---|--9---|--4---|--9---|--7---| E|------|--7---|------|------|------|No distortion or band:
Intro: Eb5 B5 x4 Verse 1: Eb5 B5 Eb5 B5 Eb5 B5 Eb5 B5 Kelsea won't you come out to play Eb5 B5 Eb5 B5 Eb5 B5 Eb5 B5 I got my bicycle today Eb5 B5 My father bought it for me He says it cost him money he's got a man in China Who says he get them cheaply Its got a magic handle Its got a chromed up fender Its got a sprocket card and Its got some super powers Chorus: C#5 B5 What a pretty bicycle she said F#5 E5 x2 I want one just like that Eb5 B5 x4 w/distortion and band Amiri won't you hear my song I make it up as I go along Its about a man in China Who's got a wife and family He sells his stuff for money To feed his starving family They got them 15 babies There's not a girl among them He's got some super powers He's got some super powers Chorus 2: What a pretty song he said I want one just like that x2 What a pretty bicycle he said I want one just like that
Solo: chords Eb5 B5feedback:hold-------------------||---11~---|---------|-----------||---------|---------|-----------||---------|---------|-----------||---------|---------|-----------||---------|---------|-----------||---------|---------|-----------|
1 3 4 1 & 2|------------|------------|------------||------------|------------|------------||-8~---------|-----9~--8~-|(6)6\8------||------------|------------|-------8~---||------------|------------|------------||------------|------------|------------|
1 3 4 1 & 2 3 4 do repeat x8|------------|------------|-------------|-----------|------------||------------|------------|-------------|-----------|------------||-8~---------|-----9~--8~-|(6)6\8-------|-----------|o-----------||------------|------------|-------8-6---|-----------|o-8-8^------||------------|------------|-----------6~|-----6^--6^|-------6^-6^||------------|------------|-------------|-----------|------------|
Chorus 1 Verse 3: Bass and Drums only Kelsea won't you come out tonight Your body's burning just like mine These are the things I brought you These are the words I taught you You've got a phony body I want to touch so badly I want to get so dirty I want to give you money I want to take your body Tell me I know Last Chorus: Got a pretty song she said I want one just like that x4 C#5 B5 F#5 E5 Iii Iii Iii Iii
|-------| |-----------||-------| |-----------||7~7~7~-| % %|--8~8~~----| x2|-------| |-----------||-------| |-----------||-------| |-----------|
1 2 3 4|--------------| |--11~----||--------------| |---------||--7--4--5-----| x4 |---------| to the end|-----------7--| |---------||--------------| |---------||--------------| |---------|
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