Orbit – Medicine tab

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Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 17:18:28 -0400
From: Brandon Wolfe 
Subject: TAB: Medicine by Orbit

Band: Orbit
Title: Medicine
Album: Libido Speedway
Tuning: Standard

 Transcribed by Brandon Wolfe

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 consulting me]
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Notation Used:
  > = slide to note
  ^ = bend string

INTRO/VERSE: (Bass arranged for guitar)

A5 Bb CE]----------------------------------|B]----------------------------------|G]--2-2---3-3---5-5-5-5-5-----------|D]--2-2---3-3---5-5-5-5-5-----------| [x4]A]--0-0---1-1---3-3-3-3-3-----------|E]----------------------------------|
[After the first chorus a little riff is played this is part of it] D]--3h5p3--------------------------- RIFF: (Played at 0:50, 2:06, and 3:08 into track) [It's quite simple; Played on the G string. I've broken it into 2 sections.]
Section 1B]--------------------------------------|G]--9-10-9---12-12-----9-10-9---5-5-----|D]--------------------------------------|
Section 2B]--------------------------------------|G]--9-10-9---12-12-----9-10-9---5-5-----|D]--------------------------------------|
************************************************ Song: ---- Intro Verse Riff Verse Chorus Verse Riff Chorus [x2] Riff Chorus Lyrics: ------- (VERSE) She's a car broken down out on the highway She's a good little girl but her daddy don't know I said my bed is just a moment away She stops herself, she solds herself, and she shakes her head She says, "I'm all alone in this town. I'm gonna buy myself some brand new things. I'm gonna get myself together. I'm gonna break myself and take myself to some other time." A brand new dress, some brand new shoes, a brand new cup for tea Don't burn yourself, don't hurt yourself, don't fall down on your face I made my bed, I'm gonna sleep in it But I'm gonna get myself some clean new sheets (CHORUS) Baby come back Make yourself whole Baby come home Choke the medicine down (VERSE) Water well, washing well, come wash me away I think I hurt myself or cut myself on some other day She says, "Don't think it's no good for it all Some days it's good, some days it's bad Most days you can't wash it off." (CHORUS) Baby come back Make yourself whole Baby come home Choke the medicine down Baby come back Make yourself whole Baby come home Choke the medicine down -------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES: Well, there it is. It should be correct, but the last part of the riff may be wrong. As always, comments/corrections/additions are welcome. I've got a whole bunch of Orbit tabs in the works, check my web page for the latest. If you have any other Orbit tab, please email it to me. Brandon Wolfe wolfeb@rpi.edu www.rpi.edu/~wolfeb/ (check the guitar page for tab) Song written by Jeff Lowe Robbins. ====================================== Brandon Wolfe wolfeb@rpi.edu Home Page: http://www.rpi.edu/~wolfeb/ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Computer Science "I should have no feeling, because feeling is pain. Everything I need is denied to me, and everything I want is taken away from me. But who have I got to blame? Nobody but me. It's time I got back...." ======================================
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