Orbit – Gazer tab

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Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 17:20:38 -0400
From: Brandon Wolfe 
Subject: TAB: Gazer by Orbit

Band: Orbit
Title: Gazer
Album: Libido Speedway
Tuning: Standard

 Transcribed by Brandon Wolfe wolfeb@rpi.edu

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 Piano tabbed for guitar......


************************************************ Song: ---- PART A (x4) PART B PART A (x3) PART B PART A (x7) Lyrics: ------ When darkness comes, it finds you in your bed Fast asleep with pictures in your head And you're the gazer, serene and far away Wake up comes and tones return to gray -------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES: Well, there it is. This is a great little song, so I couldn't resist tabbing it out. You can play full bar chords for each chord to make it sound a bit fuller. Enjoy! I've got a whole bunch of Orbit tabs in the works, check my web page for the latest. If you have any other Orbit tab, please email it to me. Brandon Wolfe wolfeb@rpi.edu www.rpi.edu/~wolfeb/ Song written by Jeff Lowe Robbins. ====================================== Brandon Wolfe wolfeb@rpi.edu Home Page: http://www.rpi.edu/~wolfeb/ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Computer Science "I should have no feeling, because feeling is pain. Everything I need is denied to me, and everything I want is taken away from me. But who have I got to blame? Nobody but me. It's time I got back...." ======================================
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