Ore Ska Band - Pinocchio tab

Song: Pinocchio
Artist: Ore Ska Band ( http://www.oreskaband.com )
Album: Ore
Tabbed By: Poncho de la Luna

There are absolutely NO other Ore Ska Band tabs anywhere, so I decided to tab out all of 
album Ore. Expect guitar pros soon (the Pinocchio guitar pro is already done actually). 
now, here's the 3rd of 7 songs, Pinocchio.


F C A# C Verse:
F A# C Pre-Chorus:
A# C A# C A# C A# C# C Chorus:
F C A# C# C Outro: same as intro, end on F:
F Expect to see the rest of Ore up soon, and PM me on the forums or email me at with any questions, comments, complaints, threats, etc.
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