Orla Gartland – Devil On My Shoulder chords

(Standard tuning, no capo!)
This song is fingerpicked using the chords below. You can simply strum the chords, 
or use whichever fingers you like to hit the strings - I use my thumb for hitting 
bass notes, and my index &middle finger for plucking higher strings!
Verse 1: 
C/G Think I've had enough.. I must find my way, I'm falling off the
F - G -edge to find that I've gone blind you're
C/G -leading me astray.. you haunt me like a
G - F -ghost, and that scares me the most
Chorus: Am B (bass note only) There you are the
Cdevil on my shoulder
Am B (bass note only) smiling as the
Cflames are growing colder
F G Chow can I believe in what I have?
F G Am -for a little confidence I’ll grab
Am - B (bass) - C - G - Fbut when my hand goes out don’t take it
Gfor I’m trying to make it
C/Gon my own
Verse 2
C/GI feel it in my bones
any minute now
Fthis train of thought will leave the station
Gmy impatience,
C/Gwill come out to play
G Fyou’ve turned out to be, the only face I see
(Chorus) Bridge:
Am - B (bass) - Coooooooooooooooown
Am - B (bass) - Crunning through the empty hallways i can tell that i am not alone
Am - B (bass) - Cyou spin a web in every room and try to break the backbone that i’ve grown
Am E (bass note only, simply pluck lowest string)will I make my own path, or wander where i’m
Am E (bass) Fwill I make my own path, or wander where i'm thrown
(Chorus) Chords : (Standard Tuning - EADGBE) (these numbers represent the fret number on which to place your fingers. X = don't play!) C/G: 332010 C: 032010 F: 133211 G: 320003
Am: 002210B (bass note only) X2XXXX
E (bass note only) 0XXXXX
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