Orla Gartland – Roots chords

Standard Tuning.
Capo on 2.

DLight don't stick to you
DLike they used to do
GThink you've lost your shine
DWishing days away
DBusy chasing trains
GLeaving us behind
Bm A Let's get a ticket for those tracks
GDon't say a word and don't look back
Let's get out of here (x2)
Bm A We can get lost between the rails
GWe've never been afraid to fail
D If you dig up your roots
Then I'll dig up my roots
G And we can take them with us
Wherever we go
D And all that we are
Is in the beat of hearts
G And I know we're ready
Bm G DTo dive into the unknown, 'cause I'm caught in the middle
A G D I'd rather break out on my own, 'cause I'm caught in the middle
D Sights set to the sky
Sick of standing by
G Getting itchy feet
D Need some new places
Meet some new faces
G No one left to please
Bm A We're carrying our roots
GIn everything we do
You know there's nothing left here for us
Bm AWe've got everything we need
GIt takes a leap to plant the seed
You know there's nothing left here for us (CHORUS x2) Tab by Kenshow.
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