Orphaned Land – Brother chords

Been looking for these chords for some time, got kinda frustreted by the fact no 
one uploaded them, So I extracted them myself instead of being lazy. so, here 
goes. pretty much accurate, figure riffs on your own. (I rock this song on the uke 
so no metal riffs)

Band: Orphaned Land
Album: All is One
Song: Brother (A plea of itzhak to Ishmael)
Tuning: Standard


Am Bm Em CThis story began before I was born
Am Bm EmA childless woman cried sadly at home
Am Bm Bm/G D CHer maid gave birth to a child of her own
Am Bm EmMy father felt joy yet he was torn
Am Bm Em CA conflict began one day at dawn
Am Bm EmThe maid took your hand and you were gone
Am Bm Bm/G D CTo the desert you left, towards the unknown
Am Bm EmI reckon you were so alone
Am Bm EmGod will hear you oh, my blood
Am Bm EmFor the years you roamed in dirt and mud
Am Bm D G Forsaken like a nomad, deserted in the flood
F Bm EmForgive me, brother
You did nothing wrong and took all the shame I suffered myself, yet I am to blame The lord blessed us both, but we still fight and claim That kid on the mountain, - what was his name? Brother hear my plea tonight I grew tired from these endless years of (Our) fight From a tiny corner stone we may build our realm of light Please hear me, brother
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